Bandon, Oregon

The Amphitheater for the Port of Bandon is a small jewel of a facility that nestles into the Bandon Boardwalk. Constructed of decorative concrete, it sits over the Coquille River on concrete pilings. Because it is an assembly occupancy, the structure is non-combustible. The Amphitheater seats 110 people in three tiers around a raised platform. Ramps and walkways of colored and stamped concrete give universal access to the floor of the Amphitheater and the platform. The project was conducted under a fill/removal permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The glass enclosed Picnic Shelter provides a needed respite from inclement weather and is a popular spot to enjoy a picnic lunch out of the wind. The Picnic Shelter was designed to allow its construction in a flood plain with necessary drainage through small portals in the timber base. A unique cable system provides necessary internal bracing for the structure while preserving the great views of the marsh, the estuary and the Bandon light house.