Florence, Oregon

Crow/Clay & Associates Inc. worked closely with the Port of Siuslaw and the community of Florence, Oregon to develop the design of a pedestrian boardwalk along the Port’s Commercial Marina. The Boardwalk is supported by steel piles and a concrete seawall. The area between the seawall and the Port’s parking lots were left ready for a future developer to construct 10 to 12 shops, restaurants, and other tourist and Marina based uses. The goal was to develop a unique design theme related to the area’s natural resources and cultural history. These themes were to be incorporated into functional construction elements within the financial means available to the Port. The project involved a site survey and geo-technical investigation of the proposed site, investigations to determine below water soil profiles and soil bearing capacities to be of use in determining pile lengths and slope stabilities. Construction documents were prepared and competitive bids were secured. Project funding came from a variety of public funding sources. The primary grant was from the U.S. Department Of Commerce Economic Development Administration.